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USA Softball Registration Form

USA Softball Registration Form (Excel: XLS)

Excel Spreadsheet Instructions

Below are instructions on how to complete the Excel spreadsheet used to register and insure your players, coaches, teams and leagues. Make sure you start on line #2 of the spreadsheet. For recreational leagues, I do not need the names of your team sponsors, just use the name of your league in column "G". For travel teams, insert the name of your team in column "G".

After completing this form, whether in part or full, click "Save As", using your league or travel team's name, then attach and send an email to Dave Ethier. Mail payment made out to USA Softball RI to:

Dave Ethier
6 Meadow Ct
Smithfield, RI 02917

If you have any questions, please call Dave at 401-231-8847.

Column Description Note
A   leave this blank
B 01150  
C Youth  
D 501 + Age Group For example: 50110 is 10U; 50112 is 12U;
50114 is 14U; 50116 is 16U.
E 250  
F Designation Choose player, coach, or manager.
G League/Team Name For rec leagues, insert your league name.
For travel teams, insert the name of your team.
H Last Name Player, coach or manager.
I First Name Player, coach or manager.
J Date of Birth Players only.
K Street Address  
L City  
M State  
N zip code  
O Phone Number Coaches and managers only.
P Email Address Coaches and managers only.

USA Softball Roster & Waiver Form

USA Softball Roster/Waiver Form (PDF)

USA Softball Official Roster & Waiver Form Instructions

  1. Parent or legal guardian signs and initials the roster form, NOT the players. Parent or legal guardian is required to read the liability waiver and the parent/guardian affidavit before they sign and initial the front of the roster form.
  2. Type, or have someone that can print neatly, each player's information. If unreadable, the roster will be sent back to you to complete again.
  3. Manager's information goes on the back of the form. All sections must be completed.
  4. Once completed, mail the original roster form to me:
    David Ethier, 6 Meadow Ct, Smithfield, RI 02917.
  5. I will sign the form, then draw a red line beneath the last player entered. I will then mail the roster back to you, along with an USA Softball team registration card.
  6. If a team needs to add player(s) after receiving the roster back from me, the player(s) are to be listed beneath where the roster is redlined, then the roster needs to be mailed back to me
  7. If a player leaves a team, draw a line through the player's name. Do not use white out.
  8. No more than 20 players can be on an USA Softball official roster.
  9. Roster forms need to be sent to me before May 1st, or ten days prior to your team's first tournament.
  10. Teams have until 24 hours before championship play begins (State Tournament) to add players to your roster (that is, if they have the room to do so).
  11. Leave the upper right corner of the roster form blank 
  12. Leave the column for e-mail address blank.

Pick-Up Player Form

Beginning in 2017, there will be a $10.00 fee whenever a pick-up player form is requested. Send payment with the form.

Pick-Up Player Form (PDF)

Article 303 USA Softball Code

Pick-up players must be from the team’s same or lower classification.

EXCEPTION: Players who are age eligible may be picked up by a lower age classification team.

CLARIFICATION: In Junior Olympic play there are two types of classification, one type of classification is Gold, Class A, Class B, and class C; the other type of classification is age classification, 18-Under, 16-Under, 14-Under, 12-Under and 10-Under. Therefore as an example, a player who has competed on a Junior Olympic Girls’ Fast Pitch 16-Under team is an eligible pick-up player for any team below the 16-Under age classification if she meets that age classification criteria. Another example, once a player participates on a Class A team, they are not eligible to participate in Class B even if moving up in the age classification.

Provide the team name and the division or classification of championship play. Example: Girls' Fast Pitch 12U Class "B". Print: Player's name, address, date of birth, parent/guardian signature and the relationship to the player.

Complete the box to the right indicating what team this player played on prior to joining yours, including the age group and classification. NOTE: A player cannot be picked up if she played in a higher classification in any age division:

Manager's signature, date and manager's printed name. Leave manager's address blank.

After the form is completed, mail it to the RI JO Commissioner for signature, when you get it back, attach it to your roster NOTE: Attach the form to the roster, do not add the player/players being picked up to your roster. 

Pickup player form Use:

Use this form when, because of various circumstances, you cannot field a team for an up coming Invitational tournament, a team cannot pick up players for the State championship tournament

Do not use this form to permanently add players to your roster. To permanently add players, list the player/players beneath where your roster has been red lined, then mail the roster back to me

A seperate pickup player form for each player being picked up is required, a team can pickup a maximum of 3 players, forms must be submitted before the tournament, not during a tournament

Players being picked up are only eligible to play on the weekend your team is shorthanded, they must be approved prior to the tournament's start, not during the tournament. A new form is to be completed for any future tournament that requires the use of pickup players.

Incident Report USA Softball Insurance Program

USA Softball Incident Report Form (PDF)

It is important to have written incident reports on file regarding USA Softball injuries, property damage or other incidents that may result in a claim against your team or league.

Provide one copy to your league office or program administrator, one copy to your State or Metro USA Softball Commissioner and send one copy to:
Bollinger Insurance, USA Softball Insurance Plans, PO Box 390, Short Hills, NJ 07078
Phone: 800-350-8005
Fax: 973-921-2876

USA Softball Individual Registration Claim Form

USA Softball Individual Registration Claim Form (PDF)

Complete & Return this Form to:
Bollinger Sports & Leisure
P.O. Box 390 Short Hills, NJ 07078

For further information contact:
RPS Bollinger, Sports Claims Department
P.O. Box 390 Short Hills, NJ 07078
Phone: 866-267-0093
Fax: 973-921-2876

Concussion Training

Get prepared for the new season. HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion.