Umpire information

2017 Umpire Rates

Game Format Division 2016
Single Umpire / Recreation League FPG12U - FPG18U $45
Single Umpire / Recreation League FPG10U $40


Double Umpire / Recreation League * FPG12U - FPG18U $35
Double Umpire / Recreation League * FPG10U $35


Single Umpire / Recreation League SPG All Divisions $35
Double Umpire / Recreation League * SPG All Divisions $25


Single Umpire Tournament (class C only) FPG10U - FPG18U $50
Double Umpire / Tournament FPG10U - FPG18U $45
Triple Umpire / Tournament FPG10U - FPG18U $35
Double Umpire / College Showcase Tournament   $45
Single Umpire / USA Softball RI Spring & Fall Leagues FPG10U - FPG18U $50
Double Umpire / Class "C" tournaments,
USA Softball RI Spring and Fall leagues


Coach Pitch / Single Umpire CPG8U $35
Coach Pitch / Double Umpire CPG8U $20



All rates are agreed to on the condition that recreational league games in the upper divisions (12U–18U) will have a 90 minute time limit in place, (no new inning will start after 90 minutes has elapsed), final score will be determined based on the last completed inning. The 10U division will have a 90 minute drop dead time limit, when ninety minutes is reached, the game is over, and the final score will be determined based on the last completed inning.

In all age divisions, a minimum of 8 players are needed to start or continue a recreational league game. Should teams need to borrow players from one another in order to meet the minimum player requirement, they are allowed to do so. Whether or not the game is counted in league standings is immaterial, play the game.

A ninety minute time limit, (no new inning will start after ninety minutes has elapsed) will also be in place for all slow pitch games.

Fastpitch Tournaments

The tradeoff for keeping the recreational league umpire rates lower was to increase what umpires are paid for tournament games. Beginning in 2015, USA Softball RI Invitational Tournaments in class B / A and Open will use two umpires for all tournament games, (pool and bracket). One umpire will be allowed in class C in pool play, and bracket play with the exception of semi final and final games. Two umpires will be used in these games.

UIC Fees

UIC fees are $250.00 per tournament.

USA Softball RI Umpire Contact Information

Association Primary Contact (+email) Phone(s)
State Umpire in Chief  Acting (Sue Johnson) Cell: 401-954-5302
Atwood Umpires Ed Goralnik Cell: 401-573-0137
Home: 401-943-7815
Providence Umpires Brenda Miller Cell: 401-524-6094
South County Umpires Bob Riccitelli
(other email)
Cell: 401-212-7727
Ocean State Softball Umpire Association Al Kushner Cell: 401-585-5979

RI Umpires                                                         Kyle Rhodes                               Cell 401-451-1921

Kent County Umpires

East Bay Umpire Association

Robert Franklin Cell: 401-640-6714
West Bay Umpire Association Brenda Miller Cell: 401-524-6094