USA Softball RI Team Classification Divisions

The USA Softball RI Junior Olympic Commissioner has the ultimate responsibility to verify the classification and eligibility of all teams wishing to participate in any USA Softball event. The USA Softball RI Junior Olympic Commissioner retains the right to reclassify any team based upon that team's performance in tournament play.

Class "A" Division

Teams in this division have no roster restrictions. The level of competition is highly competitive.

Teams classified as "A" teams may not play in the "B" division.

Class "B" Division

This level of play is for teams that do not believe that they can compete at the "A" level. As in class "A", there are no roster restrictions. Teams classified as "B" may play up in "A" classification, and still maintain their "B" status, but may not play in any class "C" USA Softball-sanctioned events. Teams that dominate in "B" will be moved up to class "A" at the disgression of the USA Softball RI JO Commissioner.

Class "C" Recreational Division

A class "C" team team must be comprised of players that come from the same USA Softball recreational league, and have not participated at the class "A" level with any other team in any organization

Class "CP" (Coach-Pitch) Recreational Division

The "CP" classification is for 8U coach-pitch. "CP" teams must meet all the requirements as described for class "C" teams. In order to register a team in the coach pitch division, all players must be registered and play in an USA Softball recreational league.